EmpowerLA Citywide Election Outreach Update

Dog Valet for Atwater Village Farmer’s Market!

"Please feel free to visit The Pet Concierge at http://www.thepetconcierge.net/. The Pet Concierge offers services listed on the site along with the Canine Club (link above) and Doggie Valet on Sundays at the Atwater Farmers’ Market. This will be the first Sunday! She will be on Glendale Blvd near Jill’s Paint. Once it gets going, there will definitely be more info on it online! :)”

Dog Valet at Atwater Village Farmer’s Market starting this Sunday. Just heard from The Think Farm on Facebook who sent the above information! 

Sew LA opens in Atwater Village & highlights neighbors too!

Redistricting Turns Dramatic

Fake Eric Garcetti Twitter Account

A couple of years ago, then-Council President Garcetti let me live-tweet a town hall meeting through his Twitter account. Sadly, this account has nothing to do with me. Described by his staff as “harmless,” they are still good for an eco-friendly laugh. The real Mayoral candidate is @EricGarcetti . The fake is @Eric_Garcetti .

LA Times: Redistricting Maps Drafted, Disliked

Sometimes it’s hard to know how you’ll be affected by a concept as large as redistricting until you see a result. This draft map is largely disliked, according to most sources present. Where is your neighborhood? Contact me if you have trouble reading the map, considering they didn’t put street names on it.

USA.gov: Getting Involved with Mentoring


January is National Mentoring Month, a chance to celebrate the contributions of those who offer support, guidance, and assistance for the next generation.

Through mentoring, an adult works with a younger person who may be going through a difficult period or facing new challenges. In particular,…

Celebrate MLK jr Day by becoming engaged

Know where this is?

Know where this is?